Understanding Ford Super Duty Death Wobble

In 2005, Ford, generally known for reliable trucks, started using a front coil suspension, which got rid of many front-end problems in their trucks. However, with that great suspension came the infamous Ford death wobble. When you experience it, it can be terrifying because you can lose control of the vehicle unless you slow considerably. While common in any Ford with a coil suspension in the front, Ford death wobble is mostly associated with the Super Duty F250 and the F350 but can be experienced in F450 and F550 models.

Domestic Diesel and Auto Service in Chino, CA, has rectified many instances of death wobble on Powerstroke models.

What is Powerstroke Death Wobble?

Ford death wobble is when the truck shakes violently after hitting a pothole or bump – even minor ones – at higher speeds. It is a mechanical issue where the driver has diminished control, forcing the driver to slow down, which could be dangerous at highway speeds.

Customers have complained that death wobble happens at about 60 to 70 mph. Once it starts, the steering is completely dead until the driver slows down. Ford death wobble is a significant safety threat.

Causes of F-Series Death Wobble

Ford death wobble, which includes any Ford truck with a front coil suspension, has several causes, including:

  • Loose or worn suspension parts, including ball joints, tie rod ends, gearboxes and steering dampers.
  • Lift kits installed incorrectly.
  • Tires that are out of balance.
  • Misalignment.
  • Bent wheels.
  • Damaged tires.
  • Broken steering components.
  •  Worn track bar bushings and ball joints.

But, what if everything looks good? What if there are no loose parts, the tires are balanced properly, and the wheels are aligned; In other words, nothing appears wrong?

How Domestic Diesel and Auto Service in Chino, CA Inspects the Powerstroke Death Wobble

When you come into Domestic Diesel and Auto Service in Chino, CA with a Ford death wobble complaint, the first thing we do is perform a front-end evaluation.

We check the suspension and steering parts, including sway bar bushings, control arm bushings, track bar, track bar ball joints, tie rod ends, the steering gearbox and other suspension and steering parts.

If any worn suspension or steering components are found, those must be replaced. It is important to understand there is not one singular cause of death wobble in Ford trucks that we can always point to. Death wobble is often caused by the culmination of minor wear on many parts that ultimately causes “looseness” in your suspension and steering. All of the worn parts must be replaced.

If no worn parts are found, we will check the tires for proper balance and check the wheel alignment with our state-of-the-art Hunter Hawkeye Elite alignment machine. If worn steering and suspension components are found, we will still complete the repair by balancing the tires and performing a wheel alignment.

In Conclusion

Death wobble in Ford Super Duty trucks is scary for the driver and dangerous to everyone in and around the vehicle. It is something that cannot be taken lightly, will only get worse over time, and must be fixed. The experts at Domestic Diesel and Auto Services are experienced in Ford diesel truck repair finding the cause of, and eliminating death wobble in Ford F-Series trucks.

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