California Legal Performance Upgrades

Domestic Diesel and Auto Service has an extensive selection of top-tier, high-performance aftermarket parts that adhere strictly to the California Air Resource Board guidelines.

Deciding to elevate the performance of your diesel truck is a big decision. At Domestic Diesel and Auto Service, we can help.

We are authorized and experienced in performing all California legal performance upgrades. Our ASE-certified mechanics can upgrade your diesel with CARB-compliant upgrades that ensure legality in all 50 states, even when it’s time for emissions testing. 

What Are California Performance Legal Upgrades?

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The California Air Resource Board (CARB) is the regulatory agency responsible for reducing the state’s air pollution. CARB was established in 1967 as a California Environmental Protection Agency division.

The main goal of CARB is to ensure healthy air quality by developing and enforcing regulations to reduce emissions from different sources, including motor vehicles. One of the integral initiatives of CARB has been the development of California legal performance upgrades.

California legal performance upgrades, also called CARB-compliant upgrades, are the enhancements or modifications made to your vehicle’s exhaust system, engine, or other components with the strict emissions standards established by CARB.

To be considered allowable CARB compliance upgrades, the part must be certified by CARB and have Executive Order Numbers, which signifies certification. The certification helps ensure all modifications either exceed or meet the emissions standards established by CARB and do not negatively impact air quality. 

So, when you use CARB compliance in upgrades, you can be sure you’re enhancing your vehicle and complying with California’s emissions standards and regulations.

Examples of California Legal Performance Upgrades

Domestic Diesel and Auto Service has the expertise to help you if you want CARB-compliant upgrades. We have forged valuable relationships with the top aftermarket manufacturers of such parts and components.

Examples include:

All of our CARB compliance upgrades have unique Executive Order Numbers to ensure you avoid legal ramifications associated with emissions non-compliance.

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