Expert Oil Change & Oil Leak Repair in Chino, CA

Looking for the best dealership-quality oil change service in Chino, CA? As the leading auto repair center in the area, Domestic Diesel and Auto Service specialize in best-in-class oil change and oil change services for Ford, GMC, and more.

Whether you drive a diesel truck or gas-powered vehicle, one of its essential fluids is oil. It protects, lubricates, and extends the life of your engine by:

…and more.

Considering the number of roles it must perform, it’s essential to have fresh oil circulating throughout your engine. However, oil’s components are used over time, leaving a useless sludge. If you fail to have oil changes as suggested, your engine will work harder than usual, trap heat, and cause expensive engine repair.

Fortunately, Domestic Diesel and Auto Services offers expert oil changes and other services in Chino, CA. Every oil service and oil leak repair is performed by highly-skilled Ford and GM factory-trained technicians. We leverage the best techniques and equipment to provide quality oil change services and oil leak repair solutions at an undeniable value.

Specialized Diesel Oil Change Services

While many auto repair facilities in Chino, CA can perform oil changes and oil leak repairs for gas-powered vehicles, you need a specialist if your vehicle is of the diesel type. And this is what you’ll enjoy when you visit Domestic Diesel and Auto Service. 

When you need an oil change for your Ford or GMC trucks, we only use manufacturer-suggested fluids and replacement parts (or better) so you can enjoy the longevity and exceptional performance you deserve. 

We cut no corners or skip steps because we know the importance of oil services. From the type of oil to the oil filter, we focus on the tiniest details to ensure you have the highest level of protection.

Oil Leak & Oil Leak Solutions

In addition to oil and oil filter changes, we perform oil leak repairs. Our experienced mechanics leverage state-of-the-art equipment and their experience to find oil leaks and administer the most cost-effective solution.

Some oil-leak-related situation we often see is:

Contact Domestic Diesel and Auto Service for Premium Oil Change Services in Chino, CA

Oil change is an important maintenance service. As such, you shouldn’t cut corners or look to save a buck on this critical service. At Domestic Diesel and Auto Service, we offer best-in-class oil change services for diesel trucks, gas vehicles, and more. 

Contact us today for the best oil change and oil leak repairs. Call us at (909) 627-0500 or visit us at 4588 Carter Ct., Chino, CA 91710.