Easy Superduty Upgrades!

Ford has a little known secret that Super Duty owners should know about. If you own a 2011-up Super Duty, a few factory conveniences can be added relatively easily. Perhaps the most useful is Speed Control, Ford speak for cruise control. Ford Speed Control is actually very simple to have installed, if your truck didn’t come with it. Believe it or not, upgrading to Ford factory Speed Control is not only simple and quick, but it’s actually less costly and cleaner than any aftermarket kit you can find.

We stopped in at Domestic Diesel in Chino, California, and discovered they were about to add Ford factory Speed Control to one of their customer’s trucks. Curious, we asked, “How long will that take?” John Ferguson, owner of Domestic Diesel, replied, “About an hour.” When asked how that was doable, Ferguson explained that Ford has made it possible to simply swap out a left-hand steering wheel switch pad and reflash the computer. Do that and you’ll have OEM Speed Control.

We’re here to tell you that this upgrade did take about an hour and worked perfectly once done, just as if the truck had been equipped that way from the factory. Take a look at the next few pages and you’ll see how simple this install is. You’ll also find a list of a few other easy upgrades available for your Super Duty.

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